ARCOSANTI – 12.31.2018

For more info on Arcosanti, check out their website at I'm blessed that every New Year's Eve I spend time with a great group of friends and this year we decided to spend it at Arcosanti, a commune/co-op/foundry/architectural amusement park in north-central Arizona. To say this place isn't for everyone would be an understatement,…Read more ARCOSANTI – 12.31.2018

Charlotte, June 2017.

4,300 miles, 68 hours over the course of 3 days on the road. I was a guest at one of the best comic convention on the planet, Heroes Convention, in Charlotte. This was my 3rd year at the show and I'm always excited for it. I drove from Prescott, Arizona down to Phoenix to pick…Read more Charlotte, June 2017.