ARCOSANTI – 12.31.2018

For more info on Arcosanti, check out their website at

I’m blessed that every New Year’s Eve I spend time with a great group of friends and this year we decided to spend it at Arcosanti, a commune/co-op/foundry/architectural amusement park in north-central Arizona. To say this place isn’t for everyone would be an understatement, but if you’re adventurous, don’t need turn down service, room service or any amenities at all, it might be for you. I like travelling light, staying in hostels, saving some money and being open to new things and this checked all those boxes. It reminded me of an abandoned factory somewhere in Siberia. The architecture is fascinating and confusing and I loved it. I’d like to go back for 4-5 days, rent a room and detox myself from life. It has that kind of vibe to it and I recommend it for anyone who is mildly adventurous and doesn’t mind blowing out their calves hiking up and down to the guestrooms all day. Stay in the A/B Greenhouse Guest room or the Sky Suite if you want a kitchen, save money and stay in one of the other guest rooms if all you need is a bed and bathroom.

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